Sexual Activity among Married People Is Plummeting

It's no secret anymore that populations in many developed countries are having less sex than they once had. This can be partly inferred from the progressively lower birth rates, but there's no shortage of scientific literature documenting the phenomenon for a fact. Notwithstanding the societal issues…

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Can Finger Length Predict Penis Length?

The famous myth that a man's hands can reveal how ‘well-endowed’ he is has been put to the test during the last decade. One notable study was published in 2011 by the Asian Journal of Andrology. Scientists measured the relationship between the length of the…

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HIV: How Dangerous Are Different Types of Unprotected Sex?

Statistics from amfAR (American Foundation for AIDS Research) show that close to 40 million people around the world are living with HIV and there are more than 2 million new infection cases every year. This data shows that HIV is a severe and widespread disease,…

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Factors That Can Affect Your Erections

Erections are complicated things; despite common assumptions, they do not just happen. Rather, a series of operations and processes encompassing nerves, hormones, and even the mind, must take place before an erection manifests.

And because there are many factors required to bring about an…

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A Few Facts about Female Sexuality You May Not Know

Female sexuality is a lot less studied, analyzed and talked about than its male counterpart. When it comes to the scientific part of the above statement, we should not be surprised because it is way more complicated than the one of men. But also, it is still considered a taboo, at least in some…

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Male Birth Control: It's Coming, but Not Ready yet

There are probably some men who envy women because they have the pill — a method of birth control that is relatively reliable and doesn't interfere with sexual relations by changing the timing or feel of the act like condoms might do. The prayers of such men seem to have been answered as a birth control…

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Exercising Regularly Can really Improve your Sexual Performance

Physical exercise is essential because it helps you maintain a good health, which means your immune system will become resilient to diseases. As it turned out, exercising regularly can also improve your sexual performance according to a recent medical study. More specifically, it can help you deal…

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Public Sex Seems to Become more and more Common in Modern Society

Sex is a controversial topic despite the fact that it is an inescapable aspect of human life. In fact, safe sex has many health benefits apart from reducing stress and improving the immune system. For example, did you know that having sex regularly reduces your risk of suffering from heart disease?…

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