Public Sex Seems to Become more and more Common in Modern Society

Sex is a controversial topic despite the fact that it is an inescapable aspect of human life. In fact, safe sex has many health benefits apart from reducing stress and improving the immune system. For example, did you know that having sex regularly reduces your risk of suffering from heart disease? Regular sex life also helps women to control their bladder. Also, sex is good for men because it reduces their risk of developing BPH and prostate cancer. Finally, having sex frequently allows you to sleep more soundly.

The increasing prevalence of public Sex in modern society

The Western world, which is quite open to discussions about sex, is now witnessing a new sexual phenomenon. More specifically, people are engaging in public sex despite numerous laws prohibiting indecent exposure, gross indecency, and lewdness.
car sex These acts take place in buses, theaters, cemeteries, toilet cubicles, forests, and cars among other places.

It seems that young people prefer having sex in cars because they offer some sense of privacy for those engaged in the act. A team of researchers decided to look into the subject of sex in vehicles among college students to determine its prevalence. They also wanted to know the impact of such events. For example, should such occurrences be of concern to the public?

A study on car sex among Midwestern college students

The team members came from the University of South Dakota. They included Cindy Struckman, Kayla Sheffield, and Samuel Gaster who hailed from the University's psychology department. Another team member, Dave Struckman, came from the University's computer science department. Cindy Struckman was the lead researcher in this study published in the Journal of Sex Research on 15 September 2016. The survey involved 706 respondents i.e. 511 women and 195 men. The median age of the participants was 19.8 years and all of them attended an unnamed Midwestern College.

The study revealed that 61% of the men and 59.5% of the women had engaged in car sex at some point in their lives. In fact, 8.37% of the respondents broke their virginity while engaging in this kind of act. Only 58.2% of them used condoms, which is surprising because a paltry 1% said the sex resulted in either a pregnancy or an STD infection. Sadly, 4.3% of the women and 2.5% of the men reported that the sex was not consensual. These statistics show that car sex, which is a form of public sex, is prevalent among college students. In fact, they reveal that more than half of all sexually active college students could be engaging in it.