Factors That Can Affect Your Erections

Erections are complicated things; despite common assumptions, they do not just happen. Rather, a series of operations and processes encompassing nerves, hormones, and even the mind, must take place before an erection manifests.

And because there are many factors required to bring about an erection, it isn’t surprising to learn how easy they are to impact and compromise your sexual performance. Some of those factors that you should keep a keen eye on because of their ability to affect your erections include the following:


Excess weight is a problem for almost every aspect of your body, and the male sexual function is no exception. People with weight problems often struggle with erectile dysfunction primarily because their weight exerts the sort of pressure on the heart that can have a negative effect on the blood flow to the erection

Diabetes and high blood pressure are also factors emanating from excess weight which can also cause problems to your erections.


People who consume alcohol, especially in excess amounts, rarely realize the negative impact the substance can have on their erections until it is too late.

Alcohol consumed in excess amounts is bad for the testicles. The testicles produce testosterone and when they incur damage, the testosterone levels naturally reduce. This, in turn, makes it difficult, if not impossible, for the man to manifest an erection.

It takes time for alcohol consumption to affect one’s erections; the risk of erectile dysfunction is definitely higher amongst those older individuals who have spent their lives nurturing excessive drinking habits.


The mind is a powerful organ and it has the power to completely shut your sex life down. Depression, in particular, is a common cause of erectile dysfunction amongst men all over the world. The fact that depression medication can also kill erections (as well as one's desire for sex) only complicates matters.


Regular exercise has a positive impact on one's sexual capacity. While regular exercise can be good for sex, enabling the body to form stronger and firmer erections, sedentary lifestyles have been proven to increase men’s risk of manifesting erectile dysfunction.


Marijuana is a controversial substance. It has just as many opponents as it has proponents. However, even those supporters of marijuana use cannot deny the fact that it can reduce the levels of testosterone in men, which, in turn, makes the manifestation of erections more difficult.

 Erections are indeed fragile things that are susceptible to so many factors. It would behoove every man out there to make more of an effort to care for their body in order to preserve the ability to form strong erections.