Exercising Regularly Can really Improve your Sexual Performance

Physical exercise is essential because it helps you maintain a good health, which means your immune system will become resilient to diseases. As it turned out, exercising regularly can also improve your sexual performance according to a recent medical study. More specifically, it can help you deal with erectile dysfunction. ED is a serious problem for men in almost all societies. For example, 8% of the men between 20 and 30 years old suffer from it. The statistics state that 37% of the men in their 50s experience one or another form of ED.he must be good in bed

The details of the study

The researchers examined seven reliable studies on this issue. The publication year for each study fell between 2004 and 2013. They identified 505 men from these studies aged between 43 and 69 years old. The researchers divided the men into two groups. Then they asked one group to perform different types of exercises. The first group had 292 men while the other one had 213 men. The researchers measured the effectiveness of these exercises in respect to dealing with erectile dysfunction. The measurement scale used was the International Erectile Function Index where the scores ranged from five to twenty-five. A score of 22 to 25 shows the absence of ED while anything below seven indicates a severe case of ED.

The results of the study

The scores for the first group that performed exercises regularly increased by 3.85 points compared with the scores acquired in the initial measurement before the group began to exercise. The second group did not witness any growth in their scores. Surprisingly, the studies also showed that pelvic floor exercises were inconsequential to the improvement of sexual performance except when it came to men who suffered from certain diseases. These diseases include coronary heart disease and prostate surgery. In these cases, any type of exercise led to an improvement in their scores.

Dr. Trost Landon, a medical professional from Mayo Clinic, observed that in some cases exercising regularly seems to yield as much benefit when it came to sexual performance as pills designed to deal with ED.

What this study means for you

It is time for you to go natural. You can now fight off ED by exercising regularly. And even if don't have any problems down there, it's always good to be able to improve your performance in bed while strengthening your overall health. This study is also good news for people who suffer from certain medical conditions that make it dangerous for them to consume ED drugs.