Why Antibiotics Gradually Turn from Lifesavers into Huge Threat

Antibiotics are definitely one of the most popular and most used categories of drugs. The only other type that may be consumed a bit more is painkillers. Antibiotics’ significance is huge since they have the ability to treat a great number of infections. However, this amazing characteristic has caused a huge problem known as antibiotic resistance.

Just because this type of drugs has been proven to be very effective (so far) against many different medical conditions, most people consider them to be the best solution for any type of health issues. This could not be further from the truth, however. Not only there are cases in which using antibiotics does not make a difference at all, on the contrary, excessive consumption can make things worse not only for the patient, but, in the long run, for all of us.antibiotics

The problem is that bacteria tend to evolve a lot faster than we thought. One of the traits of this evolution is the development of the capability to become resistant and even immune to antibiotics. When a bacterium develops resistance and becomes something that people commonly name a superbug, it is able to create a whole new generation of equally resistant microorganisms through reproduction that allows it to pass on the characteristic to its offspring. The only way to slow down this process is to avoid using antibiotics without first making sure it is absolutely necessary and vital, which is something only for a professional physician to decide.

Another very important detail about the aforementioned class of drugs is the kinds of illnesses they work against. It would be amazing if we could just take antibiotics for everything, but this is not possible for one simple reason. Their design and mechanism of action does not allow them to attack viruses, meaning they are useless against such widespread conditions as the flu and common colds.

It is extremely crucial for people to understand the importance of the two above reasons for which antibiotics usage should be considered an option at the bottom of our list, unless a certain one is suggested by the doctor. The treatment duration should also be determined by the doctor since quitting earlier than required will not only kill the bacteria but also increase the possibility of them developing the antibiotic resistance traits.

Everything must be used in moderation. In the case of antibiotics, this moderation should be our top priority since neglecting it could eventually create very serious health threats. By using antibiotics unadvisedly not only we put ourselves in danger at the present time but also help create superbugs that will be untreatable by using the available drugs of modern medicine.