Advances in Prosthetic Limbs

For many years people who lost a limb were able to be fitted with some type of prosthetic replacement. Those prosthetic limbs started out simply, and over time as technology advanced, they have become more and more sophisticated.…

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The 9/11 Attacks may have Led to Low Birth Weights and Preterm Deliveries

The 9/11 attacks on the United States may have had far reaching consequences that people never imagined it could have. A new study shows that low birth weights and preterm…

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New Study Reveals that short Men are Safer from Health Complications

This new scientific research done by Chapman University favors short men over tall men. The study indicates that they are less likely to develop health complications. Apart from the societies perceptive to shorter men, it seems science…

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Testosterone Doesn’t Necessarily Improve Men’s Sexual Performance

So, testosterone doesn’t necessarily increase men’s sexual stamina or performance. This is according to a recent study by Dr. Shalender Bhasin and his team.

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Scientists Proved Benefits Of Afternoon Sleep

It’s hard to find anyone who would have a good night’s sleep every night. And everyone is sometimes drawn to sleep at an inopportune time. But if you suffer from the slumberous feeling every day, here we try to explain why it is so.

There are several rather normal…

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How Can Alcohol And Body Building Get Along: Just The Facts

As sad as it sounds, alcohol is really harmful to the body, and in particular to the body of an athlete. If the ordinary fitness fans can allow themselves to have a drink for a good occasion sometimes, this is strictly forbidden for professionals. Here is a sufficiently…

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One More Way To Prevent Deafness, Or A Very Silent Movie

Today’s movie theaters offer viewers the effect of almost total presence – this is not least of all due to the multi-channel audio playback. But in most cases, the sound power is so intensive that can affect human health.


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Why men are more predisposed to infections

A group of American scientists from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in the United States, headed by Mark Davis, has found out that men are suffering from infectious diseases, such as the flu, much more often than women and the reason of this phenomenon lies in the…

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