New Hope for Heart Failure Patients

For many patients being diagnosed with heart failure has been a death sentence. In fact, nearly a quarter of patients who are hospitalized with heart failure end up dying within a year after their hospital stay. Fortunately, a new drug that has recently been tested can significantly increase the odds of surviving for longer periods of time while suffering from heart failure. That drug is called Serelaxin, and it is a synthetic version of a hormone that is produced by women who are pregnant.

When a woman is pregnant there is additional strain placed on her body, and the added weight makes her heart work much harder than it would have to under normal circumstances.heart-failure pill The hormone that the body of a pregnant woman produces causes the blood vessels to open up more than they normally do. This results in the heart being able to pump blood with less effort.

The way that this helps heart failure patients is by reducing the workload of their heart. With a reduced workload the heart of heart failure patients can often function for longer than it normally would, which extends the life of the patient. On top of extending the life of the patients, Serelaxin can also help ease some of the symptoms, which can improve the quality of life. As a final benefit, Serelaxin appears to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can have an added benefit of relieving joint pain and other issues associated with old age.

The development of Serelaxin is a feat that should be applauded. Scientists and researchers worked together and found a way to use a synthetic version of a hormone the human body produces for an entirely new purpose.

Serelaxin offers new hope to heart failure patients, hope for a better and longer life. While Serelaxin is not a cure, it is a step in the right direction. For anyone who is suffering from heart failure, an opportunity to live a healthier and longer life is an opportunity they would happily welcome.

The potential of Serelaxin can be noted by the fact that the FDA recently named it as a breakthrough therapy, which means that it could see approval for hospital use much more quickly than normal. Under normal circumstances the approval process for new drugs is very long and drawn out. Fortunately, the life saving capabilities of this drug have been recognized by the FDA, and the drug should be approved soon so that it can start saving people’s lives.